Only in the Midwest

This last week was a crazy week, I put on a lot of miles for work and hand way too much windshield time. The weather was crazy too, which is expected in the midwest. I was wearing a t-shirt and capris on Sunday and then Wednesday I spent almost 2hrs and 40mins in the car in a blizzard trying to get home from south of the metro. It was miserable! Then Thursday I sat in the car for 6hrs for a work presentation. Needless to say I was ready for Friday and my brain felt mushy.

Here is the evidence of my Wednesday drive.


This past week we got to experience some fun Midwestern past times.

On Friday night we met my best friend and her husband for meat raffle. We were sitting at a hot table because we won three times for meat and a handful of times for free drinks too! It was fun!

IMG_0147 we won one package of steaks


On Monday night we met with my sister for burgers and a little bingo. We weren’t so successful there but it was fun!


Only in the Midwest!


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