Transformation- Master Bedroom

So here is our last painting project that we wanted to complete in the house. There are other little things here and there but all the painting projects are complete now! 🙂 I am sure Carl is relieved! The room had three walls of a light purple color and an accent wall of dark purple. I really didn’t care for the color. I preferred the repose gray we had in the rest of the house because it was fresh, clean and light. You can put any pop of color with it as an accent! The other nice thing about getting the master bedroom painted was we got new curtains and hung up some of our canvases that had been laying around!

We moved into the house in the middle of January and we painted two weekends in February, two weekends in March, two weekends in April, one weekend in May and September. I am glad to have it done and now it is all clean and fresh with the paint we wanted. Paint makes a huge difference.

A large thank you to Carl for being patient with me and painting everything! He’s a rockstar!


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