About Blondie

My inspiration for Go Blondie comes from my husband Carl, who I mention a few times and my Pa who gave me the nickname Blondie!

This blog is a little about me and a lot about everything.

Life now consists of Carl and our Golden-doodle Arie, work and house hunting. I grew up in a BIG family full of unconditional love, endless amounts laughter and no shortage of home cooked food. I cherish my time spent with friends and completely believe in quality versus quantity. I can count all my closest friends on both of my hands, I am completely content with that. I enjoy cooking, reading and wine.

I work in a helping profession, so I have a social personality during work; however, I can be considered not people person in my personal life. Some values I hold high are respect, honesty, being yourself; I would base this off of how I behave, communicate and interact with others around me.

In the last few years, I have experienced health changes and have had to change how I live my life based on having two autoimmune diseases- Celiac’s and Sjogren’s. I mention them both in some posts.

Thank You for reading and ENJOY!

– Blondie!

IMG_0414 Always sweeter with a little wine.

Here are some of my favorite photos!

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