The Gluten Free Bible

We had our monthly dinner with our friends a few weeks back. Amongst all the painting and house stuff, I dug through my cookbooks to find a recipe. We had other friends in the area and they stopped by to check out the house. This was the first time some of our friends were seeing our house. It was also a good test on what people thought about the color we painted. It passed! 🙂

I found this recipe in my cookbook The Gluten Free Bible that Carl gave me.

This was another easy quick recipe. I used mild Italian sausage which gave it a lot of flavor. I would recommend this recipe as well.

I found more recipes and tagged them in the book to make at a later date.


It’s a Soup Kind of Time

The last month or so we have been busy with house stuff. So I have been trying to find recipes that are easy to make but last a few meals for us.

I found this recipe on Pinterest- Cheeseburger Soup from the Skinny Mom website.


This was really easy to do and it was perfect in my Le Creuset. I doubled the recipe so we had some extra.

Carl really liked it. He said the dijon mustard and tomatoes were a great addition. I also made it gluten free by substituting a few of the ingredients.

I highly recommend this for a quick supper.


Flowers, Chocolate & Cupcakes

We had a nice Valentine’s Day. We went to church, ran a few errands and then we cooked supper at home. Carl surprised me and we made shrimp scampi.


Flowers, GF cupcakes and chocolate! YUM! Carl also made me a CD as well!

I think Valentine’s day is pretty cheesy. Why do we pick just one day to tell everyone that we love them, we care more and we are kind. Shouldn’t we really do that everyday.

Tell those around you that you love them and you care all the time.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

IMG_1598 IMG_1599


Super Bowl Treats

I have to do a flash back to the Super Bowl Game last year.

We were in Punta Cana last year 2015 for the Super Bowl game. Now this year, we are in our new house. What a crazy ride in the last two years.

This year I was thinking of what to make. so we went with chicken wings and quinoa salad. 🙂

Crispy Lemon Garlic Chicken Wings Recipe I ate these, I would do a lot different. We were trying to figure out our new oven and it cooks crazy fast. But it was good, I would make a sauce or glaze to go over them next time.

Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe Carl ate these and he really liked them.

Quinoa Salad Check out my blog post where I chat about the quinoa salad.


We also made a pit-stop at Total Wine!

Here is the link to the Spooky Beverages, they are so good that I had to get three of them!



New Recipes

Here are a few new recipes that we have tried and were good. Good enough to blog about! 🙂

What I look for in a recipe: flavor within ingredients, variety, color, easy and cook time

And gluten free and healthy

IMG_1565 This is lemon dill chicken.

The recipe was from Eating Well. Lemon & Dill Chicken Recipe Click link to see recipe.

I liked this recipe because it was easy and had lots of flavor. Carl really liked the dill. I wish I would have made it with the asparagus not green beans.

And yes, I like my divided plate. 🙂

The next recipe is one my sister made. When she came to help us move she brought a quinoa salad.  I wasn’t sure about quinoa and what do you eat with it. The salad my sister made was delicious and it has totally changed my feelings and taste buds. I set out to find a similar recipe and did a good job. I love all the flavors, colors and that it lasts about a week. It was a great lunch for me for a week.

IMG_1582 Black Bean and Quinoa

I found this recipe off of Pinterest- Superfood Black Bean & Quinoa Salad Recipe 

What I did differently, I added red onion, feta and grape tomatoes.

This was awesome and so fresh. It would be hearty with adding chicken, I will do that next time.

I definitely recommend either of these recipes and the best thing is that they are both gluten free.




Gobble Gobble Until You Wobble…

Happy Thanksgiving 2015! Man, where has the year gone already. I am sure many of you are happy the year has gone by quick and then there are those who are sad that it has flown by. It was another great dinner at my parents house; lots of laughs, good food and as always ate way to much.

Here are some fun photos from the day!

We had a fun time at home. On Friday, as we head back home we always stop to hang out with Carl’s parents. His dad- Papa M. had to work this time but we made sure to pay him a visit, Arie too! I dropped our rings off so they could be cleaned up, checked out and we wanted to get Carl’s buffed. When we got them back, they looked brand new, thanks Papa M.!!! We had a wonderful lunch with Carl’s mom and got to meet one of her jam session members, which was nice. We left his parents with an apple pie, some mulled wine, amish pocket pies and farm fresh eggs! It almost felt like Christmas!

Then home james as my Pa says.

Happy Thanksgiving- but remember to be thankful every day not just REALLY thankful one day out of the year!


Mulled Wine

When my family gets together for Thanksgiving, it is given that you are to bring something to pass or share as long as you live on your own and not a broke college student. —> Little sister, you are the exception for now! 🙂 So this year, I was on pie duty! A friend I work with made a bunch of pies and t0 sell. She said why would she make all the mess of making pies for only few pies. I agreed and I benefited from it. I bought 4 pies (2 pumpkin, 1 apple and 1 cherry) for our Thanksgiving dinner, Carl got 1 blueberry pie and his parents an apple pie.

I wanted to bring something else and I thought sangria sounded good. Carl crinkled his face and said isn’t that for summer. I told him I just saw sangria on Bobby Flay’s Thanksgiving special episode. (I had been watching the Food Network all morning) I decided how about Mulled Wine; I have never made it before and sounds good for the holidays.

I found two recipes; one from Ina Garten Mulled Wine and one from Williams Sonoma Mulled Wine, I combined the two. I used the measurements of Ina’s recipe minus the anise, we don’t like the black licorice taste. I used 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon which was good. I used the lemon from the Williams Sonoma recipe. I really like the cider spice taste of this wine. When I tested it on Sunday it was delicious and it was great even the days after. I added some brandy for a zip as well, I read that in the reviews.

We got to my parents house on Wednesday night so I could make my batch a head of time and it could sit over night. For some reason, it did not taste the same as it did when I first made it. I made it in bulk, 4 bottles of cheaper wine so that could have been it, I didn’t use as much apple cider because I didn’t want the wine watered down. I didn’t bring my brandy and my parents were out so I had to use bourbon instead. My family said it was good and they liked it; however, I was disappointed and Carl even said it tasted different. UGH! I will make it for the three christmas gatherings we have this next month but I will do it in single batches then combine and go for the better wine.

Learned my lesson-cheap wine isn’t always the best. 🙂 BUT mulled wine is awesome!

Holiday Cheers!



Cooking with Pioneer Woman… I Wish…

I was so excited to open my birthday gifts from Carl! I got a new tea pot and the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook! I made her Chicken Milanese and Buttery Lemon Parsley Noodles! Holy Moly, the chicken turned out amazing! I used gluten free four and a gluten free seasoning- Hodgson Mill which turned out well with the whole milk and eggs. Carl couldn’t believe the flavor that the chicken had.

When I went to the store to get whole milk, I had seen this brand online and I thought I should try it. It is called fairlife– unfiltered milk! It is so good. For someone who is lactose intolerant it was nice to have milk that doesn’t give me an upset stomach. I get the fat free milk now.

I also added a picture of a wine that Carl and I really like. It is called The Dreaming Tree by Dave Matthews from DMB. We have had the crush wine- a red blend which is really good, I just saw he has a pinot noir that I would love to try. My sister gave me a new wine opener for my birthday so we had to find a bottle of wine in the wine rack to open so we could test the opener.

Happy Sunday! I am testing a Mulled Wine recipe today for Thanksgiving! I hope it turns out.



FOOD, FooD, Foodie…

I have tried a few new recipes the last few weeks.

I was looking for a recipe to make that was easy for when my in-laws came to visit and my friend sent me this recipe for taco cups (click the link that my friend sent me for the recipe) I used corn tortillas which wasn’t bad and a muffin pan upside down.

The next recipe I tried was oven fajitas!!!! Wow, so easy to make and not a lot of mess or clean up. I found the recipe from this Budget Bytes website. She’s got some awesome recipes and at a good budget.

I had to add the last picture in, That is what I came to a few Mondays ago at work. I think it may have been because I was still undefeated in our fantasy football league.

Happy eating, it’s the weekend!