It’s the Little Things…

If we don’t take time to slow down, we let the little things pass us by. Lately I have felt we are go go go… Between work, house hunting and weekends being full, I try to remind myself to slow down to remember and appreciate the little things.

Here are a few photos to show the “It’s the Little Things!”

#1 Is a book I started when Carl and I first started dating to keep track of the restaurants we went to for our birthdays or anniversaries as we always wanted to try a new one. Now it is our Date/Outing book and it goes back to 2009. I am glad I started this and kept it up.

#2 I took this photo when we were sitting on the rocks by Lake Superior over our anniversary weekend. Feeling anchored and relying on God to keep me balanced.

#3 A clearer picture of my anniversary ring, per my mom.

#4 The post office was good to me this week. I got a pleasant surprise of Mindy Kaling’s book. I almost ordered it not realizing that I pre-ordered it a while back! Good thing I didn’t. Then I got my Pioneer Woman bowls that I ordered online from Walmart! I love them!

#5/#6 Photos I saw on Instagram that I liked. I love the photo of Duluth, it captures it all of it’s greatness. The other photo reminds me of all my close friends.

#7 I can’t have a post without Mr. Arie! What a sweet boy, he was taking my side of the bed from the other night.


Happy Sunday!


1 Year Wedding Anniversary… Part 2

Here is part 2 of our wedding anniversary post.

Read 1 Year Wedding Anniversary… Part 1 first!

Here are photos from our weekend!

Friday Gooseberry Falls State Park and Lamb’s Resort

We drove up Friday early in the morning and stopped at Gooseberry Falls State Park for a few hours, the weather was beautiful! We drove to our cabin and there we did some more hiking and rock climbing. It was great cabin time, we had a bonfire every night and roasted marshmallows, hotdogs and I tried jiffy pop for the first time! YUM!

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1 Year Anniversary… Part 3

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Here are photos from our Saturday adventures.

On Saturday we got up and found a diner in Silver Bay, MN for breakfast and then we headed to the Split Rock Lighthouse in Two Harbors, MN. That landmark is one of the most photographed ones, Carl has never been so we did all the touristy things while we were there. On our way back to the cabin, we stopped at the Silver Bay Marina where we climbed more rocks. Saturday night was spent by the bonfire, chatting, listening to nature, playing cards, reflecting on our relationship and what the last year has brought us.

Next post is 1 Year Anniversary… Part 4

1 Year Anniversary… Part 4

Be sure to read 1 Year Anniversary… Part 1, 1 Year Anniversary… Part 2 then 1 Year Anniversary… Part 3

Here are photos from Sunday.

Sunday, was our actual wedding anniversary. We got up and drove north to find breakfast and found Bluefin Bay. Interesting enough, Carl worked on their website. We split a wild rice, mushroom, pepper and onion omelet and it was delicious. On Sunday afternoon we drove south to Duluth for the evening. We had a complimentary dinner cruise with the cruise where we had our wedding. It was a great end to our anniversary weekend. We had a couple of drinks and an appetizer at the Canal Park Brewery then we made our way over to the Vista Fleet Cruise for our dinner and boat ride. The weather was about the same as what it was on our wedding, windy and cold. I wore a dress with a cardigan and I was cold. I saw other people wearing jeans, sweatshirts and jackets, I wanted to wear that instead. lol It was cool, to be back on the boat and remember our wedding day. Some of the staff on the boat were also there the night of our wedding, they had remembered us and our wedding. We had a chicken dinner with champagne.


What a great weekend!