A Week for the Books…

This year we were busy the week of my birthday- we had something planned every other day.

October 30th- Sunday, we had tickets to the Amos Lee Concert, which was amazing! There is something about his music and something even more when it’s live. I am so glad we got tickets.

img_1330 img_1333 a few pictures, we had good seats

October 31st- Halloween

img_1353 Loved our pumpkins this year

November 1st- my birthday Carl took me too a very fancy steak house- Ruth Chris Steak House I had lobster which was amazing and Carl had steak. Carl, got me a pedicure gift certificate, pretty earrings and tickets to A Christmas Carol play! It was a great birthday and very memorable.

img_1411 What a great birthday! Thanks Honey!

November 2nd- I had gotten us tickets to tour US Bank Stadium, that was an awesome tour and well worth it.


The week was packed and it wasn’t over yet, on Friday I had to clean for our 2nd baby shower that was at our house that weekend! Needless to say, I was pooped by Sunday!

I am blessed by the memories that were had during our busy week!




Summertime Sunshine

Here are a few photos and adventures that we have had since summer has started!

Carl’s 30th Birthday!

Carl’s birthday was on a Tuesday and I found a cool place to take him too that we haven’t been to before. I heard on the radio about a place in the metro that is replicated after the speakeasy’s. In order to get in, you have to find the “red door”!

The place is called the Volstead House, the atmosphere was really neat, they even dressed from the era as well.


Later that week, we met my friend Teri because it was her birthday over the weekend and we weren’t going to be in town.

I was super excited to see her and was super excited to get mussels!

IMG_0476 I love me some seafood!

It was a busy weekend/week/next weekend! But all fun!

I have some special people who have B-Days!!

Many Thanks & Blessings

I had a fun birthday this year; more like birthday week! 🙂 My birthday is November 1st, so the Monday prior Carl planned a surprise birthday dinner with my friends, which was so much fun and completely unexpected- Surprise Birthday Dinner click the link to view that blog post. On Wednesday that week we had wine and paint with two of our friends, Friday night we went to the haunted house and Saturday-Halloween, we went to the MN Gophers game. It was a busy week. I know I say it a lot but I am really thankful and blessed for the people that are in my life. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are fantastic! We have similar morals, values and aspirations which I feel makes us a great group of friends.

One of my friends sent this text to me and I felt it described me to a T.


I know I am not for everyone! I have a strong personalty, I hold the people in my life accountable, I call people out on their stuff and I ask they do the same for me. That isn’t always the case with the majority. Many people hide what they feel and can be passive aggressive and don’t want to deal with confrontation. Talking things out with people in a calm collected manner is not confrontation. I am the site-coordinator for our ICMS (Integrated Conflict Management System) team. This is a model or better yet,the culture that my agency is moving towards in order for staff to communicate with each other if there is conflict in the workplace. We want to make sure that we are providing a safe, productive work environment. So in this model we encourage that the people talk things out and deal with it at the lowest level. We provide conflict coaching and self mediation so they are just not going into it blind. I really like it. I have attempted to talk with others in my personal life about issues on a one on one level and that hasn’t always gone well. Again, I need to go back to I am not for everyone and neither is my personalty or my style. I do struggle with that a little but as I get older, ah who cares-my family and friends accept and love me, that is good enough! I don’t need more friends! 🙂

Anyways, my parents happened to be in town on the day of my birthday, at my brothers house. My papa got a new truck and they were bringing the other truck to my brother to see if he can sell it. So it was cool to see them. I haven’t seen my parents on my birthday in almost 11 years so it was nice to see them. My brother mixed me up a gin and tonic at maybe 11am, it’s all good!

IMG_1212Sitting in my papa’s new truck, my drinking cup and gotta get a picture with papa!

That night, Carl took me out for a really nice dinner to one of our favorite restaurants! Yum!

IMG_1207 Who doesn’t love shrimp cocktail! Yum!

IMG_1208 This was the best creme brule I have ever had and it was gluten free! Amazing! It was a party in my mouth!

12196093_10100795968007382_5213680982419625806_n Carl snapped a photo of me. Thanks for the great dinner! Also, I got the new Pioneer Woman cookbook and a new teapot! 🙂

Thank You family, friends and Carl for another good birthday! I appreciate you all and thank you for loving me and pushing me to be my best.



Surprise Birthday Dinner…

On Monday October 26th, I got a pleasant surprise to start my birthday week. I was working in a remote location that day so when I got home, it wasn’t more than 10 mins and I already had my pj’s on, I don’t mess around. It was about 6:30pm and Carl asked what I wanted for supper. Do you ever have those nights where you don’t want to think, you don’t want to do dishes and you don’t really want to cook. My answer to his question was I’m fine with mac and cheese, yup at my age I’m cool with gf mac and cheese. Then Carl said lets go out to eat, I was very skeptical because it was a Monday night and normally we stay in. So I reluctantly  got out of my pj’s and back into normal clothes, I did tell Carl this better be worth it because I got out of my pj’s.

Next thing I know, we are driving to the Mall of America, weird, we never go there and especially on a Monday night. Now we are standing in front of the Benihana Restaurant I have never been there and I have always wanted to go. I was shocked and told Carl it isn’t my birthday yet and asked isn’t this place expensive?! I almost texted my two friends who have been there before and told them where I was because they have been telling me I need to go.

As we walked to the table they seated us at, I heard a bunch of people and noise and as I turn around 4 of my closest dear friends come out singing happy birthday and cheering. You need to know, I normally can sniff out surprises and stuff like this because I tend to be very observant and on point. I had no idea this was planned or going on, my friends hid in the bathroom so I wouldn’t see them. Carl had planned this for almost a month, my crazy OCD and planning/scheduling is rubbing off on him. The funny thing is the two friends I was going to text were in the bathroom hiding. I was so surprised, I cried tears of joy because I am so lucky to have great friends and I know how busy we are and what hassle it is for us to make our schedules work. So I appreciate that they came to dinner on a Monday night. It was awesome, I love watching people cook, so it was a dinner and a show.

Here are some photos of that night!


What a great start to my birthday week! We have tried to do birthday dinners around my birthday because it is a reason for us to get together otherwise everyone has birthdays in the Spring. So this is the third dinner that we all have made.

It was worth it to change out of my pj’s! 😉

Thank you so much Carl so much for organizing this! Love you lots!

Thanks Friends!

Last weekend…

Last weekend we had a fun filled weekend. On Saturday we went to the MN Renaissance Festival because our neighbors gave us two free tickets. We didn’t stick around too long. We got there about 11am and they had jousting that we wanted to see but we couldn’t find it on the map so we missed it. Carl got a beer and the turkey leg and I had roasted corn and sangria. As we made our way out, we stopped at a few side shows as we were walking out like “Puke and Snot”, they aren’t what they used to be. lol Then we stopped and watched an illusionist named Rhodini. He just had started as we walked up and he was picking people out of the crowd. He said “You sir there behind the lady”. Well that meant Carl got called out of the crowd, he is not a fan of that stuff he prefers to sit back and watch, now he was in the thick of it. It was fun to watch the guy get out of the shackled jacket.  As we left, traffic going to the Ren Fest was horrible and backed up for miles. It was hot and a lot of people were there.

On Sunday we met Carl’s parents for his mom’s 60th birthday! 🙂 We met in Stillwater for lunch and we ate at Dock Cafe. The food was good, I made sure to have a bloody mary and a glass of wine. However, I have had a better bloody mary at the townie bar where we eat breakfast. The weather was perfect for our outing. 🙂

What a wonderful day we had and happiest of birthdays to my mother-in-law.



Happy 3rd Birthday Sir Arie…

Arie turned 3 years old on May 24th. Its hard for us to believe that he is that old and big already, considering he was the runt of the group. lol

Happy Birthday to Arie!

Celebrating Carl’s Birthday

This year Carl’s birthday was the same day as Mother’s Day- May 10th. The weather was fantastic on Saturday so we started his birthday fun the day before. I planned an outing for some wine and beer tasting for the two days.

Saturday we went to Schram Vineyards Winery and Brewery-first photos, then we went to ENKI Brewing. I wine tasted and Carl drank the beer. We got some cool tasting glasses after we were done.

Sunday we went out for breakfast at Perkins and then went to the Surly Brewing Co. were Carl got a tasting and a tour, which was pretty sweet! Surly was so cool and I highly recommend it. We ate there as well, and it was good.

It was fun to celebrate Carl for the weekend! 🙂

Birthday 2014…

Another birthday has rolled around. After being sick for almost 1 1/2 weeks and trying to get better, it was another busy weekend. We were planning on going to see Davina and The Vagabonds for Halloween but we were both just so tired. lol old and lame, I know! So we stayed home, ordered Chinese food and watched a movie.

Saturday November 1st was my birthday, it was nice relaxing birthday. We had some gift cards for Target from our wedding, so we went there to finish up our shopping off our registry. Carl treated me to the movie Gone Girl, which was really good. I am only halfway through the book and seeing the movie really makes me want to finish the book. On Saturday night we got together with friends for dinner and then we went out with Jake and David for drinks after. I was so tired when I got home that I didn’t open my presents from Carl until the next morning. (signs of your getting older)

BirthdayDinner Dinner with friends

DrinksTiffanysDrinks with Jake and David

CarlJulia Carl and I

Birthday2014 My presents from Carl, perfume, a clear tea mug for work and a gift card for tea. 🙂

On Sunday we did a lot of clean-up and organizing. We finally got to some of our wedding gifts and hung them up and also to hanging up our canvas wraps for our collage.

WeddingGifts we got the wine sign and the cork holder from two different guests but how awesome that they match.

Here is the start of our canvas collage.

CanvasCollage CanvasCollage_1

We are adding two more 12×12 canvas wraps and two 8×10 canvas wraps. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. 🙂 I will post photos of it.

I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you for all the well wishes from friends and family! I feel so blessed.



Birthday 2013!!!

My Birthday was at the beginning of the month and it was another great year.

Carl was a surprise as always! When I got home that afternoon, I had beautiful flowers and fun presents.


I got a new tea tumbler from Teavana, a cereal bowl from Williams Sonoma to go with my set (one broke a while back), Cities Sample #4 CD and a Williams Sonoma gift card. Arie got me a red Kong leash to walk him. I love the leash! 🙂


Great minds think alike! Carl and I got each other the same exact birthday card for our birthdays this year.

Carl and I did a little shopping and then we worked our way to the Twin Cities. We stopped at a couple of pubs and then Carl had reservations for us at Fogo De Chao for supper! Holy cow, I have never eaten that much before!

Birthday_Girl Birthday Girl downtown.

Friday was a lot of fun and then the birthday celebration continued and we had supper with three other couples for my birthday. We had a GREAT time with them all; I am so thankful and blessed for my friends.

Then the birthday continued into the next week. Carl had gotten us tickets to see Amos Lee in concert. AMAZING, he is one of the most talented singer songwriters I have ever seen perform.

Here are a few pictures, a little grainy because they’re from a cell phone.

State_TheatreThe theatre prior to Amos came out.

AmosLee Hard to see, but it’s amazing Amos Lee.

I had a wonderful birthday and many thanks and love goes out to all the those who made it so special for me.

– Blondie!