Alma Mater- UW Stout

Something that I I get to do now that I am proud of and enjoy is speaking at my Alma Mater. Since graduating college from UW Stout, I have been going back to speak to the criminal justice classes. I thoroughly enjoy it and hope that I can make a difference or instill motivation. This past week I attended the career fair on behalf of my agency and that was cool to see the graduating students and let them know that the “world is their oyster”! After the career fair, I went and spoke to a graduating class, that was fun because I remember being in their seats.

I made some great contacts with faculty while there which is great. One of my professors that I have kept in touch with, “voluntold” me to be a of the Advisory Board Council for the Criminal Justice and Rehab program. I figured I could do that as it is just one meeting in the spring and I have been pretty active in being a guest speaker for the last 6 years or so.

Here are few photos from my day, it was a 14+hour day but well worth it.

IMG_1356 I didn’t take this photo but how awesome is the campus

IMG_1358 Acoustic Cafe is one of the best places to eat and they have gluten free wraps that are awesome!

WebButtons20145_1 I had to share that after all these years, I am still on the website, now just on the alumni page. I was on the main page for while. I am on the right and my classmate is on the left, we did a lot of projects together.


I am glad that I am able to give some time to my Alma Mater and also give some insight to students trying to figure a career path or  what they want to do when they graduate. I honestly didn’t think I would be doing it but glad I have been apart of it.

Every time I go to Stout, I always get Stout swag, I am getting a good variety of t-shirts going!

School spirit-Yay!