The One…

Do you remember the episode of Friends where Monica is looking for “The One” wedding dress at the consignment store and she gave whistles to Rachel and Phoebe.

Friends_ The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress (Ep. 717) Video

This episode makes me laugh at how intense Monica was.


My experience was not quite that dramatic nor intense. I went with my parents to David’s Bridal on President’s Day and it was quiet in the store as we were the only ones there. I tried on an array of dresses and there were a few we liked. My mom said we could keep looking and see what else is out there. Over the next few weeks, I was online looking for styles. I was struggling to figure out where to look and what I was interested in. I talked with a handful of friends who had to gone through the dress shopping experience. Many gave the places they looked and had success. I continued to look online and found a few I liked at the Wedding Shoppe Inc. in St. Paul on Grand Ave. I asked my close work friend Vicki to go with me and we met my parents there. She took off work and it was her birthday, what a great friend right! 🙂 I tried on a handful of dresses there as well. It was between two dresses that I liked. I probably tried them both on like 3 times. We are getting married on a boat and wanted one that fit with the theme of that as well.

Well low and behold.


I was a bit nervous looking because every place I called would say, oh man your wedding is in August, you need a dress like now. Most places were saying it would take 4-6 months to get one ordered in, then alterations would need to be done. I was getting a little anxious about that. Lucky for me, the girl who helped us found the dress I liked in a smaller size and it fit really well. So I was actually able to buy off the rack. 🙂 That was a huge stress reliever and both my parents were happy about that. I extend a large thank you to my parents for meeting with me and helping with the dress. IT is very much appreciated.

I will go in June to get the alterations done. I am not posting pictures as I am keeping it a secret. It is a Mori Lee Design, if you would like to know! 🙂

Major item checked off the wedding list.

A girl and her hair products :)

How frustrating, a few weeks ago I noticed that my blow dryer was sounding funny and it felt like it was getting too hot. When I was blow drying my hair one morning, I decided to look at it while it was on. That is when I noticed, it was sparking. I was a little nervous as I don’t want to start my hair on fire. What was the first thing I did?! I called my mom and asked her politely if she could find me a good blow dryer that wouldn’t spark and start my hair on fire. 🙂

I then noticed that after I got my hair cut last month, that I would have to use my flat iron more. My flat iron that I had was old and wasn’t working right. I put in a second call to my mom asking if she could find me a flat iron. For a while there, I thought my hair world was falling apart. The last thing I wanted was to start my hair on fire.

I was doing some research because I noticed my scalp was more dry and itchy than normal. What did I find, it ended up being related to my food allergies and issues. UGH! So last week, I took warm olive oil and massaged it into my scalp and all over my hair, it felt amazing when I was done. When I was at the Co-op last week, I thought I would quick look to see if they had any shampoo or conditioner that would work. I picked up a shampoo and conditioner called Avalon Organics, made with olive and grape seed oil. I absolutely love this product. It was about $6, which I think is reasonable.

Anyway, I felt like a giddy school girl as my mom had my new hair appliances. Now, I won’t be scared that my hair will catch on fire.

Here are my new goodies. I can’t wait to put them to use! 🙂 Thank You, Mom!