Grilling Machine…

Since Carl getting the grill for his birthday back in March, I am  sure we have grilled maybe 3-4 times a week. This past Sunday we were grocery shopping and bought sweet corn. I LOVE sweet corn. I was a little nervous if it would be ready to eat yet.

On Wednesday night we made Blue Cheese burgers and tried sweet corn on the grill.  It was delicious, Carl made the sweet corn perfect.

He had soaked the corn in cold water for about 15-20mins. He took them out dried them off,  then basted them with olive oil and added salt and pepper. On one of the cobs he put jerk seasoning on it. He then wrapped the corn in tin foil and put them on the grill. You want your grill at 350 Degrees and corn should be on for about 20 mins. It was perfect! 🙂

Have a great grilling season. I think for the holiday weekend we are going to do steaks and corn! 🙂

Happy Memorial Weekend.

– Blondie!