Happy Martin Luther King Day and 2nd Inauguration Day…

I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Look at where we were, how far we have come and where we’re headed. Dr. Martin Luther King fought for equality.  Our country is rich with history that many have experienced and all will remember. If it weren’t for President Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King we would not see an African American President in office. Which makes me  fortunate to be able to experience the opportunities that I have been given. I am so appreciative and thankful to my parents for raising me with my morals, values and beliefs.

I have been home today for the holiday. I have been watching NBC coverage of the The Second Inauguration of President Obama since 7:00am this morning. It has been extremely moving, has made me happy and get all teary eyed. My best friend is in DC and she has been so excited about this life experience. Oh and Beyonce nailed the National Anthem.

One thing I noticed while following comments on facebook and news websites. It makes me sad at how people have reacted to his second term. I understand we all do not share the same values, beliefs or concerns. However, the common theme of todays coverage is that we come together for one day to celebrate our Country and our President. If our Congress could find a solid middle ground to work on everyday, imagine what our Country would be like.

I appreciate the Obama’s way of trying to continue normalcy in their lives and for their two girls. I like First Lady Michelle Obama and what she has done by recognizing Military families and helping schools with nutrition and physical activity. What an impact she has made.

Both the President and First Lady got out of “The Beast” to walk the route. What an honor to see that. I am still watching NBC and Al Roker is the man. He just was acknowledged by both President and Vice President.


Happy Martin Luther King Day and Inauguration Day.