What were we thinking…

We left the Dominican Republic, 84 degree weather, sun and sand for freezing cold and snow. Again we can’t thank my younger sister enough for dropping us off, watching  our dog and house and then coming to get us right after it snowed. She is the best. Arie loved spending time with her.

We left this…

FullSizeRender (11)

For this…



We got my sister the best gift. When we were up in the mountain there were locals who were carving figures out of petrified  wood. They were all beautiful, we found three monkeys that fit my sisters creativity and style. We brought home some rum, cigars and Mama Juana.

A few photos of our stuff.

FullSizeRender (3) copy

FullSizeRender (2) copy We love the monkeys.

Last Day in the Dominican Republic

On our last day, we just relaxed and soaked up the sun. Carl didn’t feel too well as he got sick with only two days left of our trip. I think we were both ready to come home, but we wanted to bring the warm weather with. We had great people watching.

Here are our last day photos!


Thank you Punta Cana, DR for a great honeymoon.

We enjoyed ourselves.

-Cheers, Blondie!

Superbowl Sunday in 77 Degree Weather

As a large percentage of the United States was cold or covered in snow, we were enjoying Superbowl Sunday on the beach in 80 degree weather! The resort converted one of their bars into a viewing place for the game. It was nice, a great spread of food and unlimited drinks. It was nice to sit outside that night to watch the game in 77 degree weather.

Here are a few photos.

Sun, Sand, Ocean and Relaxing

Here are some photos of us enjoying ourselves on the beach! We loved the sun, sand, ocean and the drinks.

Getting to know Dominican Republic Part 2…

Here are the photos from the rest of our day. We visited a Dominican family and then we went to the beach. I forgot to mention that throughout the whole day, we were getting served Dominican Rum! YUMMY!

We said our favorite day was going on the tour because of Angel and all the stuff we learned.

Getting to know Dominican Republic Part 1…

On our honeymoon, we wanted to get to know more about the Dominican Republic and we booked a tour with Outback Adventures DR. We rode all over for the day in what appeared to be a converted truck into a jeep. The places we went and the country side we saw was truly unbelievable. We saw a Dominican school, how a family lives and how they can gain a supplemental income. We had the opportunity to taste fresh coffee from coffee beans, we got to try fresh coconut oil and tried fresh coco. We got to see a guy roll a cigar and then he paid a $1 to smoke one that he had previously rolled, it smelt good. We also went to the last public beach in Punta Cana-meaning no hotel has snatched it up yet.

Here are photos!

The next post will have more from our day and the beach.



Honeymoon Here we come-Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

We married in August 2014, in the Midwest at that time the weather is pretty decent and there is lots to do. However, if you look at the Midwest in January or February, we are all complaining about the snow, cold and ice. Even though we know it’s coming. We decided to book our honeymoon when it is cold and crappy in the Midwest.

Well, we hopped the plane and headed to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to the Royal Catalonia Bavaro- Adult-Only, All-Inclusive Resort.

The weather was fantastic, it was a steady 81-84 degrees the whole time we were there. Some days it was breezier than others.

We have to stay we are so thankful and grateful to my younger sister who house sat for us and watched our big fluffy Arie!

Anyway, Here are photos, that’s all you care about and want to see anyway! 😉

I forgot to mention, that the week prior to us leaving, I went to the minute clinic for an ear ache I was ignoring and then it was downhill from there. I had acute bronchitis and missed 3 days of work. I had the horrible cough and stuffy head on our trip. I still have the cough, had a tooth ache the weekend we got back and now trying to get rid of the migraine I have had for almost 5 days.

Needless to say, the warm weather and relaxing was perfect.

Enjoy the next handful of posts of our honeymoon!