Surprise Birthday Dinner…

On Monday October 26th, I got a pleasant surprise to start my birthday week. I was working in a remote location that day so when I got home, it wasn’t more than 10 mins and I already had my pj’s on, I don’t mess around. It was about 6:30pm and Carl asked what I wanted for supper. Do you ever have those nights where you don’t want to think, you don’t want to do dishes and you don’t really want to cook. My answer to his question was I’m fine with mac and cheese, yup at my age I’m cool with gf mac and cheese. Then Carl said lets go out to eat, I was very skeptical because it was a Monday night and normally we stay in. So I reluctantly  got out of my pj’s and back into normal clothes, I did tell Carl this better be worth it because I got out of my pj’s.

Next thing I know, we are driving to the Mall of America, weird, we never go there and especially on a Monday night. Now we are standing in front of the Benihana Restaurant I have never been there and I have always wanted to go. I was shocked and told Carl it isn’t my birthday yet and asked isn’t this place expensive?! I almost texted my two friends who have been there before and told them where I was because they have been telling me I need to go.

As we walked to the table they seated us at, I heard a bunch of people and noise and as I turn around 4 of my closest dear friends come out singing happy birthday and cheering. You need to know, I normally can sniff out surprises and stuff like this because I tend to be very observant and on point. I had no idea this was planned or going on, my friends hid in the bathroom so I wouldn’t see them. Carl had planned this for almost a month, my crazy OCD and planning/scheduling is rubbing off on him. The funny thing is the two friends I was going to text were in the bathroom hiding. I was so surprised, I cried tears of joy because I am so lucky to have great friends and I know how busy we are and what hassle it is for us to make our schedules work. So I appreciate that they came to dinner on a Monday night. It was awesome, I love watching people cook, so it was a dinner and a show.

Here are some photos of that night!


What a great start to my birthday week! We have tried to do birthday dinners around my birthday because it is a reason for us to get together otherwise everyone has birthdays in the Spring. So this is the third dinner that we all have made.

It was worth it to change out of my pj’s! 😉

Thank you so much Carl so much for organizing this! Love you lots!

Thanks Friends!

Update on wedding planning.

Wedding planning is somewhat coming along. We have sent out the wedding invites last week and the RSVP’s need to be back by July 28th. Today I finished the rest of the center pieces and Carl helped me assemble them. We have three left to do. I have talked with the florist to get the flowers figured out and I have figured out my hair appointment for the wedding day. We both have been pretty busy with work, so the planning has gone on hold somewhat.

I know the last post that I did was about trying to find shoes! I found some! YAY, the fifth pair was a charm. Here is a picture of the shoes. My dress is hemmed and all ready to go so that was exciting.

photo They are from the flip flop store at the Mall of America.

On Sunday last week we hung out with our wedding photographers and then took photos of Arie and us.

The planning continues.


6yr Anniversary


On New Years Eve, that was the night six years ago that Carl and I went on our first date. Six years ago seems like forever; of all the places we could have picked, we went to Applebees. I can still remember that night, we laughed so much and we talked about where we lived, where our parents lived, sports, school, and aspirations we both have. Then we went to hang out with my German Foreign Exchange Student and his German friends, boy do they know how to party! haha Carl and I in a weird way met through my ex-boyfriend. Him and Carl were in the same major in College. And really awkward they did their Senior Project together, ok maybe awkward for me.

On January 9, 2008, One could say that Carl and I were “officially” dating! It is crazy to think how far we have come and what we have experienced individually and as a couple. Together we have experienced sadness of losing family members, happiness of our nephews being born, friends and family getting married. We had have changes in jobs, livivng space and health. We are so blessed by the friends we have made and how much fun we have with them.  Oh yes, we can’t forget our four-legged fur baby-Arie. I wouldn’t dream of having anyone else but Carl by my side through it all!

I got Carl this very sleek watch from his dad. It is a Citizen Titanium Golf Watch.

Picture of Carl’s Watch:


Carl got me the Floor Corking Machine for when we cork our wine. I was very excited because we have a Riesling that will need to be bottled shortly. 🙂

Carl had taken me out to eat to Radisson Blu that is connected to the Mall of America, it was a nice restaurant.

Much love to you Carl and thank you for being you! 🙂

Birthday 2013!!!

My Birthday was at the beginning of the month and it was another great year.

Carl was a surprise as always! When I got home that afternoon, I had beautiful flowers and fun presents.


I got a new tea tumbler from Teavana, a cereal bowl from Williams Sonoma to go with my set (one broke a while back), Cities Sample #4 CD and a Williams Sonoma gift card. Arie got me a red Kong leash to walk him. I love the leash! 🙂


Great minds think alike! Carl and I got each other the same exact birthday card for our birthdays this year.

Carl and I did a little shopping and then we worked our way to the Twin Cities. We stopped at a couple of pubs and then Carl had reservations for us at Fogo De Chao for supper! Holy cow, I have never eaten that much before!

Birthday_Girl Birthday Girl downtown.

Friday was a lot of fun and then the birthday celebration continued and we had supper with three other couples for my birthday. We had a GREAT time with them all; I am so thankful and blessed for my friends.

Then the birthday continued into the next week. Carl had gotten us tickets to see Amos Lee in concert. AMAZING, he is one of the most talented singer songwriters I have ever seen perform.

Here are a few pictures, a little grainy because they’re from a cell phone.

State_TheatreThe theatre prior to Amos came out.

AmosLee Hard to see, but it’s amazing Amos Lee.

I had a wonderful birthday and many thanks and love goes out to all the those who made it so special for me.

– Blondie!

1 Pound of Tea :)

Today we had went to the mall, to the tea store Teavana, Carl had given me a gift card a while back and I thought I needed to use it! 🙂

I had picked out the Relaxation Blend and the Blueberry/Strawberry Bliss Blend

It is nice because the stickers they put on the bags tell you how much tea to use and how long to steep the tea for. When we went today they had the Blueberry Bliss tea as a cold tea. It was so yummy. 🙂

Here is the Blueberry Bliss:

Here is the Relaxation Blend:

I make sure I keep all my teas in tins so they stay fresh. If you want to try a loose leaf tea, I highly recommended Teavana and start out with the Relaxation Blend. You will love it and then be hooked instantly.

Happy Sunday!

Tis’ the Season

I love Christmas and this year it didn’t take much for me to get into the season. We have our tree up and decorated and other decorations throughout the house. It is cozy.

Last night we ran to the Mall of America to start/finish some Christmas shopping. 🙂 I had some good coupons. It was so pretty all decorated for the season. There was a live band playing Christmas songs and the huge trees in the Rotunda. I must say we were in and out of the mall in less then 40 minutes. 🙂

Then on our way home we stopped to look at a tree outside completely covered in LED lights. It is so bright you can see it from a ways a way. It is so cool up close.

Then we ran to Michaels craft store, I decided I am going to make my holiday sweater! What who does that?! 🙂 I do!

We stopped at Target so I could get my red sweater! And this is what we found. Yup, they are making the footies for adults! The sock monkey one was pretty funny!

I don’t want to reveal the pictures yet. I will soon so stay tuned! 🙂

Happy Holidays!

– Blondie!