Transformation-Spare Bedroom= Carl’s Guitar Room

Here is another transformation we did in the house along with the upstairs hallway. We have three upstairs bedrooms, our guest room, master bedroom and a spare room that now has become Carl’s guitar room!

So now Carl has his guitar room/my workout room. It was just white before but it looks great with the neutral color.

A Few Things I Love

Here are a few photos of things I love! 🙂

I saw the two sayings and they are quite true. The photos of Arie are just sweet. I follow a few of the musicians websites so I know when we can catch a concert. So I follow Griffin House a musician Carl introduced me too and that we have grown to really enjoy, we saw him live a few years back. He was having a “in home” live concert that we were able to stream, it was so cool! I think more musicians need to do this.

A Man’s Toy Store

Over Memorial weekend, Carl had been browsing guitars online, he has had his eyes set on a Gibson Les Paul Traditional. Finally, I made a executive decision and said to Carl, find the guitar you want and lets purchase it now. I figured we don’t have to worry about a house or kids right now and are financially good for a purchase of that amount. In a polite way, I forced him to research and go looking for guitars over the weekend. We settled on a 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional guitar, they did not have it in the store so we had to have it shipped to the house! Oh being able to see the excitement that Carl had and being supportive of it gave me such happy feelings. He told me owning this guitar was on his bucket list. I am glad that is something that has been crossed off the bucket list. 🙂


The Entertainer…

On Saturday May 16th, I was so excited because the Billy Joel concert finally was here! 🙂 We went downtown earlier to walk around and settled on eating at  The Pourhouse. After we found a bar closer- Mason’s to have a few cocktails before finding our seats for the show. While people watching, we were watching who we thought were going to the concert-mainly dad Hawaiian shirts. So we counted how many we saw that our dad’s would wear.

We had really good seats, off to the side of the stage and right above the sound station.

Here are photos from the concert!

Here was the setlist that was for our show.

  1. My Life
  2. Pressure
  3. 1999
    (Prince cover)
  4. Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)
  5. The Downeaster Alexa
    (audience choice over The Stranger)
  6. Vienna
    (audience choice over Summer Highland Falls)
  7. Zanzibar
  8. Your Song
    (Elton John cover)
  9. The Longest Time
  10. An Innocent Man
  11. New York State of Mind
  12. The Entertainer
  13. Allentown
  14. She’s Always a Woman
  15. Don’t Ask Me Why
  16. Highway to Hell
    (AC/DC cover)
  17. We Didn’t Start the Fire
  18. The River of Dreams/Tush
    (ZZ Top cover)
  19. Scenes from An Italian Restaurant
  20. Like A Rolling Stone
    (Bob Dylan cover)
  21. Piano Man
  22. Uptown Girl
  23. It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me
  24. Big Shot
  25. You May Be Right
  26. Only the Good Die Young

Griffin House at the Dakota Jazz Club

A few weeks back, I got an email about musicians who will be playing in the area. I got one about Griffin House , a singer/songwriter, that Carl introduced me too when we started dating, he has known of him for almost 10 years. He was going to be at the Dakota Jazz Club, which is a smaller venue and tickets were reasonably priced. We really like Amos Lee and he is similar.

Here are a few photos of our night! We really enjoyed it as it was only him playing on stage, it was very intimate. I bought his most recently released CD and Carl bought his EP. Great great sound! What talent!

Garth Brooks 2014!!!!!

The time has finally come…. From the moment I heard Garth Brooks was going on Tour, I was stalking his website to find out when he would be in the Midwest. This weekend and the next are the weekends he is here. He is playing 11 shows in Minnesota! HOLY COW! I have been saying to Carl and my sister that I want to go to Garth Brooks, I haven’t stopped talking about and it has been about 3 weeks.

Finally, Thursday November 6th, I ordered tickets for my sister and I to go. SOOOOOOO glad I did! Tickets were about $70 a piece, so reasonable. Our seats were in the section directly behind the stage which had it’s advantages and disadvantages. We could see the stage and everything going on, the only time it sucked was when Garth would get close to the drummer and as the drummer’s cage blocked, but that wasn’t too often because Garth moved around a lot.

The music was amazing. I have been to a lot of concerts of varying artists and by far Garth Brooks is the best Entertainer that I have ever seen. He performance and interaction with fans was very genuine and awesome. His wife Trisha Yearwood came out to sing as well and that was good!

I took a few photos, don’t judge the quality as they were off my phone and lighting wasn’t great. lol

We had a fantastic time. We didn’t wait to long to get in about 40 minutes and then getting out was fairly quick. Parking wasn’t bad either which was surprising because I read all over that the lines and parking were horrible. I must say, hands down it was one of my  “Top 5” favorite concerts I have been too.

My top 5 concerts:

1. Amos Lee, 2. Garth Brooks, 3. Jonny Lang-in WI, 4. Davina and The Vagabonds and 5. George Thorogood

Carl and I may not take a lot of trips or travel a lot but we sure do enjoy concerts. I believe we have seen Jonny Lang at least 6 times. lol

Enjoy the photos and if you ever get a chance to see Garth Brooks- DO IT, you will not regret it! I Promise!


Late Weekend Update…

Here is a late weekend update. The last few weekend have been busy that I haven’t had a lot of free time to actually sit down to relax let alone to breathe and come up with a creative blog post. 🙂 I think this weekend I can! This is more than just one weekend update, its like 3-4 weekends in one! 🙂

On Wednesday October 15th I woke up not feeling great; however, I had to go to work Wednesday and Thursday, as I had group to facilitate. I was so sick on Thursday that my co-workers said I looked like death. “Lovely, thank  you co-workers” On Friday I stayed home because it was so bad, I ended up sleeping almost 5 nights on the couch, that bad. Carl went to his parents house that weekend so it was just Arie and I.

This is what I did on my sick day…

StinkerPie SleepyArie LazyBones HeaterBlanket

Arie was such a good snuggler and friend to have while I was home sick.

When Carl got home, this is what he came home too…

Frisbee Arie was bored with me for not being up to playing frisbee that he couldn’t wait until Carl got home.

Also, when Carl got home, I got my new watch that I ordered! I love the casual white.


The weekend of October 24th was SOOOOO busy-Recap

On Friday, my sister flew in from Arkansas so we had a sisters get together on Friday at Stella’s Fish Cafe in Uptown. Hands down, they have one of the best Happy Hours I have been too. I had a 1/2 pound of peeled shrimp, a side of fries. I am not a huge fan of mussels or oysters (what they are known for), I think, I have been convinced, their champagne mussels where to die for. After supper when my sister and I got home, we talked Carl into taking us to a haunted house.

On Saturday, Carl and I drove to his hometown for a wedding open house that his parents hosted for us for their town friends and distant relatives. It was very nice and great to meet everyone, they were so generous to us.

On Sunday, all of us siblings and my parents met at my brothers house for a family get together. Those don’t happen often because we are all so busy and live all over, so we need to get together any chance we get.

Then Sunday night, my sister and I went to the Red Wing Winery-Falconer Vineyards prior to going to The Band Perry at Treasure Island Casino.

RWWinery Red Wing Winery

TheBandPerry TBP TBP_1


The Band Perry photos. Photos are the greatest, they are off my phone. Sorry…

I spent the whole week getting better so that I was ready for that busy weekend. I drank lots of water and tea.

This was our Sunday breakfast that weekend-

SundayMimosa SundayBreakfast

We had mimosas and then “fancy” eggs (sautéed mushrooms, onions, green peppers, top the tator and milk) and meat market sausage links.

Sorry for the long drawn out post but have to get the photos in! 🙂

Happy Sunday!






Barnes and Noble Nerd.

After a fun/late Friday night, I decided to lay low on Saturday. I was up by 7:30ish, Carl couldn’t believe I stayed out or up that late. I am normally in bed by 9pm most of the time. We got up, had our cup of coffee and decided to run a few errands. We had to go to Cub Foods but I had asked if we could take a detour to Barnes and Noble. 🙂 I wanted to check out the puzzles and games. Nerd alert, I know! 🙂 I love being a B&N Member!

I got the game Farkel (I have been told to play it and that it is a blast) and I found a cool panoramic puzzle of New Year’s on Broadway.

We also browsed the books to see if there was anything good. Carl had picked up the Steve Jobs book. For being a web designer that is a must have book on the book shelf. I love looking through the bargain books because they great books for a great price. I found the book Where Were You When the Music Played? for only $7. What a great deal .

I was looking through the book and of course stopped on the page titled “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, anyone would stop at that title song. It was very sad news when my sister texted me and said that Whitney Houston had died. At first, I thought it was a celebrity hoax, but then Carl grabbed his iphone and looked it up. Ever since I was a little girl and had heard the song “I Will Always Love You”  I was hooked on her music and voice. I even have the soundtrack to her movie The Preacher’s Wife.  What a sad sad day in music history, she was a legend and an icon. It is a shame that the trials she went through were more of a struggle than what she could handle. I was looking forward to her comeback.

Anyway, thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

One Piece at a Time… Literally!

What a wonderful holiday weekend. Carl and I had exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve morning before heading North to his parent’s house. Some how without planning it we had Minnesota themed gifts for each other. 🙂

I had gotten him two books from Barnes and Noble titled; Once There Were Castles and Minneapolis-St.Paul Then and Now, two great books full of Minnesota Twin Cities history. Then I got him a MN Gohper hat and sweatshirt, his big gift was the Club of the Month from Amazing Clubs, he got the 3 month variety pack. So the first month he will get beer from microbreweries nationwide, the second month he will get cheeses and the third month he will get cigars. 🙂 How exciting! I can’t wait for the cheese to come!

Carl had gotten me the Catchphrase hand held game, a book, lotion from The Body Shop, a hard to find Cities 97 CD and then a puzzle. I have wanted a puzzle so bad. Not sure why, he got me a 750pc Minneapolis, MN skyline puzzle. So at night we get home, make supper, then sit and work on the puzzle and watch a movie together. It is rather relaxing. We might go this weekend to find a few more puzzles!

Here is a few pictures of the puzzle!

Hopefully we will finish tonight! 🙂

Jammin’ Out!

When we got home this evening, it was cold and we had snow. I ran into the house, put my snow boots on and grabbed the mailbox keys from Carl and walked fast to the mailbox. I was hopping that my Cities 97 Sampler 23 was in the mail waiting for me to listen to it.

Well……… It was!!!! 🙂

I have been listening to it while blogging! All of the songs are great, Love it!