House Updates.

A few weekends ago, I asked Carl if he could help make my closet more useful. He took and idea and made it real! YAY!

The first photo is the after picture of the shelves, I forgot to take a before one. But on the side with the two shelves that have a lot of space between them, that wall only had one hanging rack. I love how everything fits better in the second photo, I went from two hanging racks to three! I love it.

The next two photos are of our new trash and recycling bin holder! I found a woman who makes all these awesome things out of pallets, she used to live near my parents. We don’t have a place to put the garbage and recycling, it just sat out. This is a perfect spot for the garbage and recycling and it adds a little more space for Arie’s treats and this outdoor stuff. She did a fantastic job!


Hopefully, painting the master bedroom is the next task. I will have to let Carl know that he will be doing that! 😉

Happy Sunday!


House Work

Here are some photos of the odds and ends we have done around the house.

Garage Transformation

Our garage needed some major TLC. The tape and mud were cracked and needed to be done, holes needed to be filled and everything needed to be sanded. One of my co-workers does drywall/sheet rocking as a side job. I sent him the before pictures blow and the dimensions. He quoted us about $400 which was really inexpensive. So the last weekend of April he came to our house Saturday-Monday and got everything done. Monday Carl primed the garage. We have to paint the top coat yet. Regardless we have a good looking garage, enough that the neighbors have stopped by to look at it.

Here are the before pictures of the garage.


Here are the after pictures of the garage.


It turned out great and we are very happy with it.


The weather was crappy this past week so Carl said we should paint the basement. We were going to wait until this winter to paint it. Last Saturday we went to Sherwin Williams and picked out two colors Requisite Gray and Uncertain Gray.

IMG_0234 Requisite Gray is on the left- Uncertain Gray is the Right- Revere Pewter is the middle-Benjamin Moore color that Sherwin Williams mixed for us.

The basement was baby blue and dark blue, it felt cold and we wanted a warmer feeling. I did not want brown I was tired of it-it was in our town home, I wanted a warm gray. We put the two colors on the wall and couldn’t choose. We went back to Sherwin and had them mix the two colors, we ended up going with a custom Requisite Gray.

We are happy with the color. We started with prepping downstairs on Wednesday and we finished painting on Saturday. Carl is a rockstar! We are happy to have the downstairs painted, we have just the master bedroom left to paint when we decide on a color. It is nice to have it paint prior to the housewarming party! 🙂

Ding Dong Done

A few weeks back I posted about our front door transformation- Transformation-Doors here are a few photos of the front door completed. We have to do the outside yet but we are getting there and getting a lot done in just over two months of being here.

IMG_0155  IMG_0156

We have been getting our paint from Sherwin Williams, we had them mix the Benjamin Moore color- Wrought Iron. It is a slick color with our wall color, it stands out.

Carl’s parents and sister came over last Sunday for lunch so they could see the house, so we had to get a few things up on the walls.

IMG_0164 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0199

The first photo are canvases that we had in the townhome, the second is the wine sign is from our friends as a wedding gift and third is the metal sign that Carl gave me for Christmas that is from the HGTV show Fixer Upper Magnolia Market.

I love seeing the house come together! We found curtains for the patio door that are cool, they need to get hemmed.


Transformation-Living Room & Foyer

This was our story for last week. Wednesday night, we took all the face plates. Thursday night, Carl tapped all the base-boards and around the windows. Friday night, I painted around all the outlets and Carl did the edging for the ceiling. Saturday morning, we got up early moved the furniture and Carl edged the base-boards and then rolled the living room and I helped move furniture.

It was a busy Saturday, I made brownies in the morning as well, I had to run to the store to go grocery shopping and made cheeseburger soup all while doing all the painting.

Here are some before photos.

During photos.

After painting photos! What a difference paint makes. It gives a room a completely different look, feel, color and feels so clean. We are so happy with the color gray we picked. We picked Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams.

We are going to work on the upstairs hallway, kitchen and spare bedroom upstairs this weekend. It has taken great patience and team work to get this done! Carl is awesome at painting and I appreciate all his hard work!

Stayed Tuned for the next transformation.

Happy Painting!


Details Details…

Here are some of the details of the house.



Here are a few photos of Carl’s office and the transformation.

IMG_1493 Before-It was a little girls playroom

Carl’s Office-After it is painted

Carl took all the trim off and we will paint it white so all the trim in the house matches to the white.

This has been our first project and we are almost complete! 🙂