1 Pound of Tea :)

Today we had went to the mall, to the tea store Teavana, Carl had given me a gift card a while back and I thought I needed to use it! 🙂

I had picked out the Relaxation Blend and the Blueberry/Strawberry Bliss Blend

It is nice because the stickers they put on the bags tell you how much tea to use and how long to steep the tea for. When we went today they had the Blueberry Bliss tea as a cold tea. It was so yummy. 🙂

Here is the Blueberry Bliss:

Here is the Relaxation Blend:

I make sure I keep all my teas in tins so they stay fresh. If you want to try a loose leaf tea, I highly recommended Teavana and start out with the Relaxation Blend. You will love it and then be hooked instantly.

Happy Sunday!

Great Finds!

This morning we had planned to run errands at Target to get groceries for the week and a few other odds and ends. Well, of course the Halloween stuff is all marked 70% off and then across the aisle is the Christmas decorations. In Carl’s words, “They did their job and hooked you in.” I couldn’t resist and had to get these cute trees.

They had all different colors. Carl liked these two. Now I just have to get my lights and garland for the railings.

After Target we ran home, unloaded the groceries and ran to the mall to exchange the cook book I got for my birthday for a different one. We had one similar to it already. We found a great cookbook and I also got two more cereal bowls to match my set.

Here is the cookbook-

The recipes look great! Can’t wait to try them and use my new flat whisk!

Then we went to Teavana because I had to get another tin to store my fruit tea Carl got me and I wanted to get another loose leaf tea strainer for my mug.

Here is a picture of the tin and strainer I got. I got sucked in and ended up buying a new tea tumbler. Score because it holds more and it is less work with doing the loose leaf! 🙂

Then I stopped at DSW to see if there was a cute pair of black flat shoes for work. I have been wearing my heels, which hurts after so many times. I found a cute pair. I think they look kind of grandma like. But they are comfortable and cute.

We did our Mall run in less than an hours time! 🙂 Quick like a cat.

Also, I will be posting a couple of wines that I bought! 🙂

Now to sit and watch football and enjoy the day.

– Cheers