A Week for the Books…

This year we were busy the week of my birthday- we had something planned every other day.

October 30th- Sunday, we had tickets to the Amos Lee Concert, which was amazing! There is something about his music and something even more when it’s live. I am so glad we got tickets.

img_1330 img_1333 a few pictures, we had good seats

October 31st- Halloween

img_1353 Loved our pumpkins this year

November 1st- my birthday Carl took me too a very fancy steak house- Ruth Chris Steak House I had lobster which was amazing and Carl had steak. Carl, got me a pedicure gift certificate, pretty earrings and tickets to A Christmas Carol play! It was a great birthday and very memorable.

img_1411 What a great birthday! Thanks Honey!

November 2nd- I had gotten us tickets to tour US Bank Stadium, that was an awesome tour and well worth it.


The week was packed and it wasn’t over yet, on Friday I had to clean for our 2nd baby shower that was at our house that weekend! Needless to say, I was pooped by Sunday!

I am blessed by the memories that were had during our busy week!




A Little Of This… A Little Of That…

Here are some photos over the last month or so. We have been pretty busy with house stuff and needing to be places. We had sisters weekend, our annual dinner with our friends and did a few house projects.

Only in the Midwest

This last week was a crazy week, I put on a lot of miles for work and hand way too much windshield time. The weather was crazy too, which is expected in the midwest. I was wearing a t-shirt and capris on Sunday and then Wednesday I spent almost 2hrs and 40mins in the car in a blizzard trying to get home from south of the metro. It was miserable! Then Thursday I sat in the car for 6hrs for a work presentation. Needless to say I was ready for Friday and my brain felt mushy.

Here is the evidence of my Wednesday drive.


This past week we got to experience some fun Midwestern past times.

On Friday night we met my best friend and her husband for meat raffle. We were sitting at a hot table because we won three times for meat and a handful of times for free drinks too! It was fun!

IMG_0147 we won one package of steaks


On Monday night we met with my sister for burgers and a little bingo. We weren’t so successful there but it was fun!


Only in the Midwest!


Now I Gotta Cut Loose, Footloose Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes!

Last weekend, we had a wedding to attend. It was a lot of fun, probably one of the best times we have had at a wedding. A friend of our’s son was getting married. The wedding was at a venue I haven’t been too only have heard about. We had time to stop at one of my favorite local establishments for a drink. The decor was beautiful. The bride had a dress that looked stunning on her.

Carl and I literally danced our feet off! I would like to say I had the hottest date and best dance partner, obviously I am bias! 🙂

It was a fun night and a good distraction from house stuff.

We are happy for the newlyweds!



Mama if that’s movin up, then I’m movin out- Billy Joel

The last month, was nothing short of quiet; that is a LARGE reason for my absence. Carl and I had been looking at houses on and off for the last year, which felt like forever. We found a house that fit us so we put an offer in in mid December. The house had been on the market for a few months and it’s winter here. So the odds were in our favor.

This house was exactly what we were looking for: 4bd 3ba, just over 2,000 sq ft, a fenced yard, open layout and close to work

Friends with kids kept saying  a house with 3bds on one floor is a big deal for having kids. We had a hard time finding a master bedroom that had a master suite was hard to come by. We wish the yard was a tad bigger with acreage; however, we have one of the bigger lots. It is a quiet neighborhood, which we like, close to highways and literally EVERYTHING! We can get to any store or place within 10 mins or less. That is a big change because in our last home we were at least 20 mins from the nearest highway. We are much closer to family, friends and my work, which is a huge plus.

Arie, was very unsure of what was going on with all the packing and moving of boxes. He definitely knew something was up.

Here are a few pictures.

We literally moved up, north of the metro and moved out; as Billy Joel said it best!

Stayed Tuned for many house photos!



The New Big House

A few weeks back, my co-worker and I were going to do a visit and when we were done we look the slightly longer way back to the office. Meaning we had to drive by the Minnesota Vikings new stadium. It is a crazy structure that they are building, here are some photos from what it looks like.

This will boost the economy big time in the Twin Cities. It will be neat to see it when it is all done. I was reading an article where they are picking local artists to create portraits of former Viking football players. One of the artists is actually an alumni from mine and Carl’s Alma Mater which is pretty cool! She has some beautiful work.

I am typing this post as I watch the Vikings play the Falcons. I am torn, I want the Vikes to win because its our team, I also have Adrian Peterson on my fantasy football league. However, I wish the Falcons would do well because I have M. Ryan and J. Jones on my fantasy football team.

Skol Vikings!


Happy Halloween from TCF Bank Stadium

This year for halloween we were at TCF Bank Stadium watching the MN Gophers take on Michigan. It was a fun game, unfortunately it was a real tough loss and the Gophers should have won. There was some poor clock management.

It was fun to see all the costumes that people had worn, they were creative, so pretty original.

Here are a few photos!

Wine, Paint & Friends

Two weeks ago, Carl and I went to PaintNite with two of our friends. We had gotten them two tickets for their birthdays earlier this spring. We have never done this before and thought it would be fun!

This was fun to however, I was really trying to do well and concentrating that I wasn’t very talkative. I feel my birds are super fat, I like Carl’s because he has good color and they are shaped well. It was a fun night and I would totally go again! 🙂 I recommend it for a fun date night or a fun night with friends.



Carl’s Anniversary Present from Me

Carl’s anniversary gift was tickets to two MN Gopher Football games, he has never been to the stadium so I thought it was perfect. I had a co-worker help me pick the games and seats. I didn’t realize how big/important the first game was. It was the MN Gophers versus TCU Horned Frogs game and apparently, TCU is ranked #2 in the nation. It was the season opener for the Gophers and it was sold out with about 55,000 fans there, the atmosphere was so awesome. Carl is a big college sports fans and not sure why we haven’t gone to a game sooner. The Gophers did not win, 17-23, which is fine but they played a good game and it wasn’t a blow out. The defense looked good but they needed their offense to step up.

We have tickets to one more game, Gophers versus Michigan on Oct. 31st, Halloween, that will be a crazy game!

Here are some photos from the game!

Good Job Gophers!

See you in October!