08.23.2014-Wedding Day

The weekend and day is finally here. It feels like yesterday that we had just gotten engaged, the time really flew by. We felt good with how wedding the schedule was going. We got to Duluth when we wanted and ran our errands and the rest of the time was spent with family on Friday. Our parents and siblings all arrived to Duluth on Friday which was extra special and fun. Saturday morning we had rehearsal which went well and getting ready was a breeze.

Most people said that you won’t stick to the timeline, clearly they don’t know me. 🙂 We were right on schedule for the majority of the day, minus the ship that was coming under the Aerial Lift Bridge before the ceremony that we had to wait for before departing the dock.

I do not have photos from our wedding day, because we didn’t want to be “that couple” and be attached to our phones. We also had an “Unplugged” wedding ceremony, so our immediate family on the 3rd deck-upper did not have phones or cameras as we wanted to enjoy our ceremony and our 2nd deck guests watched on screens.

Our guests boarded the boat at 6:30pm and our ceremony was after 7:00pm and was less than 10 mins. Then it was time to party, heavy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. It was laid back and easy going, exactly what Carl and I wanted.

Photos from Saturday, I only have a handful of photos of me getting ready that my brother and sister took.


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