Meaningful Ink…

A few weeks back I sent a picture of an arrow with its meaning to one of my sisters and said this is the next tattoo you should get based on the meaning. An arrow tattoo can have many meanings depending on the person and what they have gone through. I have seen the arrow tattoo for quite some time and was really wanting one. It was a fun tattoo that I got with my sister and her friend. Interesting enough my first tattoo was with my brother of the Christian fish on my ankle.

Here are a few of the photos.

The meaning of my tattoo is that just a single arrow can be broken, more than one is harder to break. My meaning is unity, strength, courage, positivity and moving forward. My sister’s meaning is that an arrow can hold you back but it will need to be released at some point. It will push you into better and greater things. Two crossed arrows mean friendship, I would like to think because we both got arrows it means friendship. The forearm did not hurt nearly as bad as my wrist tattoo.

My sister’s friend got an awesome tattoo above her heart in her parents handwriting and a remembrance of her sister. It turned out great and was cool.

All three of my tattoos have meaning to me and I am glad that I have gotten them.

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