Wednesday Night Dinner

My sister came over for Wednesday night dinner a few weeks go. My sister is a great cook, so I wanted to make sure I impressed her or at least made a worthy supper for her. I think I succeed and it was delicious! 🙂 All of this meal was gluten free.

All of the recipes are ones I found on pinterest and were very easy!


Rosemary Chicken with Portabella Mushrooms-The Midnight Baker

This was rich and creamy, very easy to make. I wondered if adding shallots would add another texture.

Highly recommend.


Roasted Lemon Parmesan Garlic Asparagus– The Recipe Critic

These were easy to make in the oven and the flavor was great.

Highly recommend.


Steamed Baby Potatoes with Parsley Butter

I actually did this one a little different, I put my potatoes in my rice maker to steam them and I had herb butter in the freezer that I made last year. So there was a bunch of different herbs, but super easy and flavorful.

Highly recommend.

This was a great meal and leftovers were awesome. We put the chicken back in the pan and heated slowly.


My sister plated her food perfectly!



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