The “In Thing”!

For a while now, I have noticed that anything involving feathers is the “In Thing”! I have seen feather earrings, necklaces, head pieces and even trees! I have been looking for peacock feather earrings for months. I wanted the right shape and size. They have been really hard to find.

I had Friday off for Veterans Day.

God Bless all who have served, past, present and future. Thank for being so brave to ensure our freedom. Thank You to your families as well!

I had a physical therapy appointment and a few errands to run. I was looking for just a couple of long sleeve shirts and a pair of nice khakis. Well I found the shirts at Gap but no pants. (I hate pants shopping) Apparently they are not in season. I stumbled upon the store Gordmans. 🙂 How exciting. I didn’t care much for the clothes but the housewares/domestic sections were fun to browse. I loved looking at all the Christmas decorations. I also went to Pier 1 Imports, what a fun store as well. I had self control and stuck to my list. 🙂 Then I got home and waited for my younger sister to arrive. We had a wonderful weekend with her. We had went to a few stores on Saturday and went Christmas decoration shopping. All we have left to get is our tree! Can’t wait.

While we were bumming around on Saturday we went to The Buckle. (I really like the store, but for as little fabric you get with the clothing and how much it costs is a little crazy. Still like the store though) And there it was that caught my eye! FEATHER EARRINGS! They weren’t exactly the ones I had been looking for but still pretty cute! I wanted to share with you what they look like!

Also, here is a picture of our lighted garland on the loft railing.

Have a good evening!


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