Happy One Year Birthday Arie…

This post is special because our not so little puppy is 1 year old. His birthday was on Friday May 24th and he is now 1 year old and weighs in at about 65 pounds. He has another 6 months to year to continue growing. Carl and I got him a few tiny presents and along with Arie’s girlfriend.

Arie_Birthday Arie waiting for his Birthday present.

Arie_Birthday_Present Arie digging in the bag for his gifts.

Arie is going to the groomer tomorrow and he is going to get his summer shave down. I am going to miss that hair of his; however, a shorter coat will be nice. We will take “before and after” pictures. I sure hope he doesn’t get a complex with the other dogs. 🙂

We love our Arie so much and he has been such a blessing to us each.

We Love you Arie and Happy 1st Birthday.

Love, Us.

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