Happy Birthday America!!! July 4th 2015

This July 4th, was good and mellow. On Friday we went north to our friends house on the lake- Arie was in desperate need for swimming, actually we don’t know how well Arie can swim. He does not like the water over his head and I think with his long legs he tired really easily. Carl was in the lake trying to help him paddle, it was funny. Then we went for a boat ride and when I jumped in the lake, Carl said Arie was very concerned and almost wanted to jump in after me. When we got back to shore, we grilled out and I started the fire that was smoldering.

Saturday July 4th- We took Arie to the dog park, ran a few errands and then we went to go watch fireworks and they were perfect. I love July 4th, it is one time that we all can be proud, try to set our differences aside for a short period of time. I am very proud to be an American. The opportunities that have been awarded to me are like none other. I am thankful my parents adopted me, so that I could come to the US for a better life, freedoms and opportunities. Watching fireworks, made me tear up at all the childhood memories I have. And you can’t celebrate July 4th and summertime without a fruit pizza, gluten free I might add…. Yummy! šŸ™‚

Cheers and Happy Fourth of July, remember the real reason why we have this day!

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