The weather was crappy this past week so Carl said we should paint the basement. We were going to wait until this winter to paint it. Last Saturday we went to Sherwin Williams and picked out two colors Requisite Gray and Uncertain Gray.

IMG_0234 Requisite Gray is on the left- Uncertain Gray is the Right- Revere Pewter is the middle-Benjamin Moore color that Sherwin Williams mixed for us.

The basement was baby blue and dark blue, it felt cold and we wanted a warmer feeling. I did not want brown I was tired of it-it was in our town home, I wanted a warm gray. We put the two colors on the wall and couldn’t choose. We went back to Sherwin and had them mix the two colors, we ended up going with a custom Requisite Gray.

We are happy with the color. We started with prepping downstairs on Wednesday and we finished painting on Saturday. Carl is a rockstar! We are happy to have the downstairs painted, we have just the master bedroom left to paint when we decide on a color. It is nice to have it paint prior to the housewarming party! 🙂

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