Changing Directions…

This year thus far has been very busy and full of lots of changes and challenges. I had been working my job for approximately 3 1/2 years and that means that I have been in a car for two hours a day for work. I was driving 50 miles one way. It was starting to get old and I was seeing the health toll it was having on me. So I started looking for other positions within my agency. I am so happy to say that I took a new position almost two weeks ago and I’m excited. The miles one way is only about 23 miles which that will cut down on the wear and tear of my car. I am driving north now versus south, back into the city and away from the cornfields. I must say, I do miss the people that I worked with dearly, that was the hardest part of leaving.

This new position is very different than the last. It is more positive, different type of stress and a different setting. I feel the life coming back to me. It has been nice to get home at a decent time, I have to get used to having an extra hour and half a day. Carl and I have been playing basketball with our extra time. 🙂

So that is partly, why I haven’t been blogging, just busy with cleaning up my caseload from the last position to taking on this new position. I felt that for my health, sanity, driving and the challenge it was the best move I could have made. 🙂

Along with the job change in the midst of wedding planning, I am in a Sjogren’s flare up. I didn’t realize what it was at first, I just thought the bumps/rash meant I was allergic to something, I completely forgot that a symptom of Sjogren’s is a skin rash, inflammation and all the other good stuff that goes with it. The weird thing is that I didn’t/don’t feel stressed; however, my body is telling me different. So now, I’m back on prednisone which I am less than excited about, I have a steroid cream I put on the rash and I’m taking Zyrtec. Not what I planned a short period before the wedding. My sister said that I am going through two of the things that cause the most stress, job change and a wedding. Yikes.

We are trying to get things figured out and looking at our time lines for the wedding. hopefully we will be ready to go.

Cheers to changes!


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